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Re: "Permissions on the file /dev/pmu are broken"

El mié, 02-06-2004 a las 17:37, -0400, Kevin B. McCarty escribió:
> No one is answering this email on debian-user; maybe someone here can tell me?
> I just upgraded to the Gnome 2.6 packages in unstable on my iBook laptop.
> Upon logging in to Gnome 2.6 the first time, I receive an error dialog
> popup message titled "Error" whose text is "Permissions on the file
> /dev/pmu are broken".

I suppose the error comes from gnome-control-center because the ACME

> Does anyone know what program pops up this error message (so I can file a
> bug against it for not giving a better error message), and what the
> permissions on /dev/pmu are supposed to be?  Mine are currently rw-------,
> owned by root.root

I don't think the error message should be changed, it says just what
happens, if you want to control the backlight of your computer, you need
write access to /dev/pmu that's all.


BTW if you are using kernel 2.6 + udev, I think that the problem is with

> thanks,
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