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Re: Bug#252247: kernel-patch-powerpc: please include the pmdisk patch

> > please include the pmdisk patch, currently maintained by Guido
> > Guenther, in kernel-patch-powerpc.
> Can you provide a direct pointer, please?  Preferrably to a patch that
> you have tested yourself?


which is a modification of my initial patch posted to debian-powerpc
(for 2.6.5, http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/04/msg00116.html)
to support 2.6.7, fix bugs in signal handling and preempt the forever
boring config issue (people selecting both SUSPEND and PM_DISK options).
I've inspected the patch to make sure it's just that.

> > I've not heard of any problems with the patch other than suspend
> > breaking due to broken modules still loaded - pwrctl-local can take
> > care of that, too.
> Then the patch should not go into an official kernel unless both pmud
> and pbbuttonsd support this module unloading thing.  By support I mean

The pmdisk suspend functionality is sufficiently arcane to trigger that it
won't happen accidentially. Hence, it won't cause any harm to have it
compiled in. IMHO.

> that it runs out of the box, works reliably, and is only used where
> necessary.  Do you have a version of pwrctl that takes care of this?


> What about pbbuttonsd?

No idea, I don't use it. They will use the same generic script interface
as pmud does, in the end.


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