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Re: Poweron timer on iBook G3 (PPC_RTAS?)

On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 06:59, Thomas Otto wrote:
> Hi!
> I just noticed OS X allows to set a time at which the laptop
> automatically turns on, this seems to correlate to the kernel option
> "Support for RTAS (RunTime Abstraction Services) in /proc (PPC_RTAS)
> [N/y/?]" which says "[...] if you power off your machine at night but
> want it running when you enter your office at 7:45 am, do a
> # date -d 'tomorrow 7:30' +%s > /proc/rtas/poweron and shutdown."

RTAS is unrelated and isn't implemented by Apple's version of OF.

> (from arch/ppc/Kconfig +750 in the 2.6 kernelsource, complete entry
> appended)
> Yet after compiling this into the kernel I have neither /proc/rtas/ nor
> a /proc/device-tree/rtas so I wonder if there is another way to access
> this variable e.g. via nvsetenv?

Doesn't exist on this machine
> Or is there a general interface to this "hardware-wakeup"? IIRC some x86 
> bios also have a boottimer, yet i have never seen a userspace
> interface to this...

There is no general interface. If you figure out the proper command to send
to the PMU, then we can add the option to /proc/pmu/options


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