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bootX fails on 8600/350

Hi Folks

I have a bizarre event ;)

A mac 8600/350 which has run linux from bootX before in its lifetime has
suddenly decided to fail.

I installed a fresh hd for this test and a new version of 8.5 (and 8.0)
unstuffed the bootx folder installed the kernel and ramdisk, and clicked
the bootx app. Normally everything Mac quits and after a small pause the
kernel messages appear on a black screen.

On this occasion all of the open Mac windows close and the Mac appears
headed for the linux boot and then it seems to stall. MacOS is dead, but
there appears to be some lingering function running. I have tried
turning off virtual mem and disabling extensions and using bootx as an
extension, none of these tactics work.

Any ideas?


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