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Re: Debian on F50...

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 09:15:21AM +0100, Richard Wale wrote:
> Howdy,
> I've had a Debian running happily on a 7025/F50
> RS/6000 for a number of years, after follows some
> steps posted on this mailing list.  Using the rsync
> sources from source.mvista.com, I've had both 2.4.x
> and 2.6.x kernels working. 2.6 really made it fly,
> gnome is now pretty quick to use.

Notice that the debian 2.4.25 kernel has been tried on both a F50 and a
B50, presumably the 2.6.6 kernel should also, it has probably never been
tested though, and there could be problems with the initrd.

That also means that the debian-installer should work out of the box on
that hardware.

> I initially I was copying the kernel to floppy or CD
> and using the SMS to boot the rootfs on the internal
> disks; however in recent times I was able to get
> yaboot to install and work.
> Sadly looks like I have to soon give up my desktop
> (well under-desk) machine and swap it for an intel
> box.

BTW, what will happen to the old box ? 

> Would anyone be interested in me posting my kernel
> .configs or my XF86Config-4?  I didn't know if any of
> the ppc maintainers might find them useful?

It would always be usefull, altough i think that at least for the
.config we already did the work for it. If you could try out the 2.6.6
kernel package before you lose access to the box, that would be great.
That and the debian-installer too.


Sven Luther

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