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Sarge PowerPC HFS boot from DVD

I'm trying to boot a DVD created with jigdo from the 5/22 build on an Apple g4.  
I couldn't get Open Firmware or even a friend's OS X based system to recognize it.

When I tried hfstools hmount on my x86 system on either the DVD or the /dev/loop attached iso-image I get:

 # losetup /dev/loop2 sarge-powerpc-1.iso
 # /usr/local/bin/hmount /dev/loop2
 /dev/loop2: contains 1 HFS partition
 BTREE: GET vol "Debian/PowerPC_sarge" btree "extents overflow" node 0
 ndNRecs=0xd136 (53558)
 /usr/local/bin/hmount: /dev/loop2: too many b*-tree node records (Input/output error)

An extra debug message shows it thought there were 53k+ records.  
I can mount the dvd as an iso9660 ok and hmount works fine on the cd version of sarge-powerpc-1.iso.

Has anyone else booted with a recent dvd?

Ed Swarthout

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