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Galeon not respecting CSS keyword font sizes??

Hey All,

I've been a bit frustrated lately by pages in galeon having noticeably
small fonts, but I didn't do much about it.

Then I started an overhaul on a site I maintain, and suddenly there
were huge differences between what mozilla was showing me and what
galeon was showing me. The difference seems to be that galeon displays
all fonts at the same size regardless of what the style sheet
says. Using font-size: large, or font-size: x-large has no effect
under galeon but works under mozilla.

This seemed to happen more than a month ago after a galeon
upgrade. But it seemed to have something to do with using truetype
fonts. But now that there is such a difference with Mozilla on the
same machine I'm confused.

I'm using the latest galeon on unstable:

ii  galeon         1.3.14a-1      GNOME web browser for advanced users          

Is this just me, or has anyone else seen this?


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