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Re: experiences of my first 2.6.x own build kernel for ibook g3

Have a look at 

According to jorge salamero, on Mon, 24 May 2004 03:12:25 +0200, 
>hi all,
>i've been using 2.4.x since i bought my ibook g3 and this week (just
>before exams :)) i've thought that's time for 2.6.6
>it works fine but there are two things that doesn't work as i'd like
>1.- what's the status of the well known alsa problem, it sounds very
>very low ... will we fixed ? should i use oss ?

The trick is to unload and reload alsa modules.

>2.- i can sleep only one time, when i wake up it shows a verbose
>console and the next time it can't fall asleep. kerlen 2.6.6.
>pbbuttonsd, version 0.5.3a
>thanks !
This is not normal. Try to sleep with any usb, alsa, ... modules
removed. They usually are the responsibles for these problems. Once you
identify the problem, you may add the load/unload line in


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