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experiences of my first 2.6.x own build kernel for ibook g3

hi all,

i've been using 2.4.x since i bought my ibook g3 and this week (just before exams :)) i've thought that's time for 2.6.6

it works fine but there are two things that doesn't work as i'd like

1.- what's the status of the well known alsa problem, it sounds very very low ... will we fixed ? should i use oss ?

2.- i can sleep only one time, when i wake up it shows a verbose console and the next time it can't fall asleep.
kerlen 2.6.6. pbbuttonsd, version 0.5.3a

thanks !

        jorge salamero . bencer qzbit
     bencer@bencer.org . 526715@celes.unizar.es
     http://bencer.org . linux reg user #318695
         debian gnu/linux ppc unstable

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