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{Anouncement] PBButtons has its own Mailinglist now


A PBButtons mailinglist has been created. Everything regarding PBButtonsd and 
its clients could be discussed there. I never got complains about supporting 
my software in this list, but I think it was not always the right place for 
it to do so. I apologize for any disturbances.

But now there is a mailinglist only for pbbuttonsd and all its clients. Do you 
have any questions, suggestions or whishes? This is the right place to write 
to so don't hesitate to subscribe. I apologize for any inconvinience but it  
is an english speaking list.

For full details and subscription please see:

Please forward this mail if you think there are any people or mailinglists 
that should know about this.

  Best Regards

PS: I won't stop reading this mailing list anyway. ;-)

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