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Re: therm_adt746x and load average

On 21 May 2004 at 09h05, Albert Cahalan wrote:


> > Yes, that's due to the TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE flag. It adds 1 to the load
> > average, however it uses very little CPU. Other macintosh's fan drivers
> > show the same behaviour.
> You're getting a hint that TASK_UNINTERRUPTABLE is not
> playing nice. Don't ignore the hint.

I'm ignoring this "hint" because I spoke with Benjamin H about that and the 
results of our discussion was that it was not important. In fact, I wrote 
TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE in version 1.1 of the driver, and he fixed that to
TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE. (See attached mail)

The hint, in my opinion, is that the load average calculation algorithm is 
not perfect, nothing more.

> People get pissed
> off when "kill -9 12345" doesn't work.

Do you often kill -9 modules ? ;-) 

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On Sat, 2004-02-21 at 01:22, Colin Leroy wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> You once modified the therm_adt7467 driver (the CSet label was "fixes" or
> something like that), to change the TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE to
> What did motivate this change ? I'm not really competent when it comes to
> this area, but it seems to have two drawbacks:
> 1) Makes your pmdisk patch fail ("cannot stop tasks")
> 2) Load average is always at 1.00

Oh, that is what is causing the load avg issue ? That shouldn't...
I'll investigate... For pmdisk, we need to add some shit for
freezing it. 

The TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE mean we don't get woken up by signals.


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