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Re: Yaboot problem on TiBook

Łukasz Studziński <lstudzin@bacon.umcs.lublin.pl> wrote:

> I was trying to upgrade kernel and Debian SID on my friend's TiBook 667
> when I faced a problem with yaboot 1.3.12. When trying to run "ybin" it
> returned the following message: 
> ybin: Unable to find OpenFirmware path for boot=/dev/hda9
> ybin: Please add ofboot=<path> where <path> is the OpenFirmware path 
> to /dev/hda9 to /etc/yaboot.conf

If you use a kernel older than 2.6.3, downgrade to the previous
version of yaboot. See the changelog...

(what a nice surprise, ever heard of this thing called "backward
compatibility" ?)


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