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Re: Yaboot problem on TiBook

W liście z czw, 20-05-2004, godz. 12:46 +0100, Colin Watson napisał:
> [returning to the mailing list; I'd rather not do this in my inbox,
> thanks]
I am sorry, it was experimental Evolution that coused the mistake.

> Alternatively, ignore the problem and drive yaboot by hand despite it
> being unconfigured. For instance, at the moment yaboot isn't configured
> properly on this system, but I boot /vmlinux off /dev/hda11 anyway by
> typing 'hd:11,/vmlinux' at the yaboot prompt. However, you should test
> that you can do this before doing anything irreversible.
I am going to try it, I hope it would work.
Best regards,
Łukasz Studziński

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