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Installing Woody

I've attempted to install Woody about three times now on my Umax S900
(oldworld mac).  I can't figure out how to configure the install for the 2.4
kernel rather than the 2.2 and when it does run the 2.2 I can't get beyond
the command line state (I'd like to run GNOME).  I'm new to the whole Linux
thing so forgive any silly questions.

I'm pretty sure that when I'm configuring the Xwindows server I'm messing up
because when I type startx I get an error saying it can't find my monitor.
I've got a twin turbo graphics card that came with the comp in there and I'm
using a 15" PC monitor.  Also, as soon as I leave bootX and go into linux
the screen jitters constantly by about 1 pixel.

Also, is the standard Mac ADB mouse (plugged in through the keyboard) a
serial port mouse?  It asks me to define this in the Xwindows setup and I
don't see ADB as a choice there.

Lastly, I've read about five different installation manuals for this release
and nearly every one claims that I should go a different route for the
package install (taskel, dpakage, or apt-get [sorry if I spelled those
wrong]).  What would you reccommend for someone who just wants to get a
desktop system up and running?


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