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linux-2.6.6 : Issues on a Powermac 8500/200, out of sync video....

hi fellas, i'm having a strange issue with kernel 2.6.6
i've just downloaded and compiled kernel 2.6.6 (vanilla from www.kernel.org) on my powermac 8500/200 , with a PCI USB card and 128mb ram

all went fine, i've put the kernel on folder that BootX reads upon MacOS (7.5.3) init , and installed the modules correctly

when 2.6.6 boots , all go smooth and debian goes to X automatically(XDM runs) ...... after X is running , i can't switch to text mode terminals , better, i can switch , but then my monitor just shows me OUT OF SYNC (syncmaster 753DFX, never had that problem on 2.4.24),

if i blind log on a VT (ctrl+alt+1 then typing blind) and issue something like "fbset 800x600-60", screen blinks and i can see again , but part of the screen is messy (garbled) and out of alignment with screen......

strangely , if i issue a "poweroff" still blind-typing on a tty, text-mode comes back to life after Xfree shutdown (with screen out of alignment and part of it garbled , just like when i issued a fbset....)

what could this be!!!!??!?!?

TIA, Carlos Eduardo Coelho Baptista (linux enthusiast from brazil , land of bossa nova and beautiful girls) :PP

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