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Re: powerbook g4 +dual screen

> I noticed too that these module provoke the yellowish symptom on the
> radon 7500 with dual screen (dual layout or xinerama, i.e. with dri
> disactivated), nevertheless, the tint disappears with mergedfb or with
> single head, i.e. dri activated.
> It seems to me that dri initialization  solves
> the yellow symptom. Does anyone has a patch for making it disappear
> even without dri ? Michael ? I could not find it...

Problem here: There's an ATI 9600 in my powerbook, wich isn't really a
supported piece for dri (hopefully yet). So I cannot use this. 
*shameonme* I guess I'll use google to look for some info on this
"mergedfb" now. Never heard of it before.

> Sometimes it would be convenient to activate dual layout, and to have
> two distinct screen.

I have used a desktop setup like that for a year, it is really nice to
have the API's right beside your emacs ;)

Timo Reimerdes <tr@gtnw.de>

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