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Re: powerbook g4 +dual screen

According to Timo Reimerdes, on Mon, 17 May 2004 17:46:37 +0200, 
>I have tortured google for some days now trying to get my old monitor
>here to work as a second screen. I can start it with a correct
>XF86Config, but I get weird yellowish look on both screens.
>I hear that problem has been resolved before, but I didnt find anything
>except "use Daenzer's dri-trunk modules" - Well I am using them, but it
>still wont work.

I noticed too that these module provoke the yellowish symptom on the
radon 7500 with dual screen (dual layout or xinerama, i.e. with dri
disactivated), nevertheless, the tint disappears with mergedfb or with
single head, i.e. dri activated.

It seems to me that dri initialization  solves
the yellow symptom. Does anyone has a patch for making it disappear
even without dri ? Michael ? I could not find it...

Sometimes it would be convenient to activate dual layout, and to have
two distinct screen.

BTW, does anyone knows if mergedfb works on the powerbook g4 ?


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