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Re: Airport Monitor Mode Patches

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Can someone answer at why to monitor mode
patched havent made it into the kernel or into the
main driver or something?

are they just really dodgy?

i would like my ibook to be able to scan!!

can someone whos smart (ben or something) work
there magic and finalise it? i realise that more
important work is at hand (like making the latest
kernel work) but airport driver polishing would
be nice.


Jens Schmalzing wrote:
| Hi,
| Paul van Tilburg writes:
|>I experience the same problem, just after entering: iwpriv eth1
|>monitor 2 2 (for example), if set mode 2 for say, channel 3, too my
|>machine gets VERY VERY slow.
| I see.  I mostly use monitor mode for kismet, never had a problem with it.
|>I was using kernel-patch-powerpc-2.6.6. It is the first time I got
|>monitoring working.
| Glad to hear this.  On what kernel source tree?
|>I want to work towards scanning support, is there a 2.6.6 patch for
|>that too, I'm getting tired of manually entering ESSID and keys all
|>day since I encouter 2 or 3 different networks a day.
| None that I am aware of.
| Regards, Jens.
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