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Re: Airport Monitor Mode Patches


Paul Mullen writes:

> What's the current status of the monitor-mode patches for the
> Airport (older 802.11b-only cards) kernel module? Six months ago I
> was able to apply a patch posted in July '03 by Jens Schmalzing to
> the 2.4.23-benh tree, but with partial success.

That very patch is contained in the kernel-patch-powerpc packages
since version 2.6.

> The resulting kernel compiled fine and monitor mode worked, but my
> system would only run for a brief period of time before
> 'ksoftirqd_CPU0' ran out of control, consuming 99% of processor
> time.

How many packets did you capture during that time?  I've never seen
the behaviour you describe, and I use monitor mode quite a lot.
Regards, Jens.

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