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Xwindows Difficulties

You've all heard this many times before ... but I really need help with this.  
I have installed Debian 3.0 (ppc) onto my iMac.  I have managed to arrange 
dual-booting so that the machine boots into 1 of MacOS or Debian ... and all 
is looking good.  However, the exact setup for xfree86 is still eluding me.

My machine is a standard 350MHz iMac with 256 Meg of ram.  As usual it has the 
8 Meg ati 128 rage videocard.  I have set aside about 60% of the hard drive 
for the linux partition and installed the programs on the first of the 

I am using X11 version 4.1.01.  When startx was used I found the script 
'bombed' ... and I was returned to the command line.  To correct this I then 
ran the script 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86'.  I made the following 

1.  I chose to manage the configuration using 'debconf'.
2.  I chose the 'ati' videocard.  (Should I have chosen the 'fb' 
option ... ??)
3.  I named the videocard: 'ATI Videocard'
4.  In response to the prompt for the address of the videocard I entered 
'PCI:00:16:00' which I believe is the videocard's address.  I found this by 
looking at the 'dmesg' file ... but I am not 100% sure this is correct.
5.  I entered 8192k for the video memory value.
6.  I responded <yes> to the question about using the framebuffer.
7.  The XKB rule was entered as 'xfree86'
8.  With keyboard model I entered 'macintosh'
9.  I accepted the US keyboard layout
10. I entered no variation in keyboard
11. I entered no options in the keyboard question
12. I chose /dev/input/mice' for the mouse port
13. I answered <yes> to emulating 3 buttons (mouse)
14. I answered <no> to the scroll mouse question
15. I named the monitor 'iMac monitor'
16. I answered <no> the LCD question
17. I answerd <advanced> to the monitor question and inserted the suggested 
values from the install file
18. I chose 1024 x 768, 800 x 600 and 640 x 480 as the three chosen display 
19. I chose 8 colours for the default colour depth
20. I accepted all three options and finalised the procedure by getting the 
program to write the files into their prroper locations.

startx still still produces a bomb-out!  Can someone **please** cast an 
experienced eye over these settings and maybe suggest where I have gone 
wrong?  I can type a printout of the logs ... but it's HUGE!  Maybe you can 
help me address this difficulty without typing it out fully.

Many thanks for help/pointers or whatever.

Irena & Richard Jenkins     VK1NDV & VK1RJ

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