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Re: Video Out IbookG4


Benjamin Alvarado a écrit :
Hi everyone,

I want to try to use the video out in a Ibook G4 12", I use this (http://seb.france.free.fr/linux/ibookG4/iBookG4-howto-5.html#ss5.6)
config file, but just don't work, only I can see the next

Try starting with the ibook *closed*. Not completely, but just enough (you'll have to experiment a little), then the OF can see that the ibook is closed, and search an eventually external screen. When the boot is finished, then you can open the ibook again.

Like this, the external screen will be recognized, and what you see above will be displayed on the LCD. Some tests will be necessary before everithing goes fine.

Last, but no t least : *Be careful* ,this is only a workaround, but it works for me with my albook 15".

... ok
copying OF device tree...done
Initializing fake screen: ATY,Via_A
Calling quiesce ...
returning 0x1400000 from prom_init

Somebody know what hapend?

No, imho, it simply does *not work* yet...Someone can confirm ?


revp onpuneq

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