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Re: Fw: debian-installer: Cannot boot the installer on powerpc

On (14/05/04 20:56), Laurent Bigonville wrote:
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> I've sent a few days ago a bug report (bug #248234) about the fact that 
> I cannot boot with the last daily build
> of the sarge installer on my g4, nobody answers ... I would like to 
> know if anybody else has the same problem?
> >Yesterday, I had problem to boot on the installer 1/3 time... but today
> >no more way to boot on it.
> >The kernel hang juste after:
> >"Serial driver version 5.05c (2001-07-08) with MANY_PORTS SHARE_IRQ
> >SERIAL_PCI enable"
> >I have a G4(agp). I tried with the beta4 release, with the yesterday
> >daily build
> >and with the today (20040509) build, same problem.
I downloaded the beta4 powerpc installer last night and it has booted fine.
Have you looked at the cd to verify that it burned ok?  My first try
didn't .... user error ;)  I haven't yet gone through an install on a
spare partition but will post notes as and when.



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