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Pre-install partitions & dual boot

Hi there, I just recently had my Mac OS9.1 crash on me and my 2gig hard
drive is no longer bootable.  After some research I've been told to format
the drive and reinstall.  Seeing however that I've already gotten my friend
to mail me a new 9.1gig hard drive ready to boot OS9.1 and the fact that
I've wanted to insatll Linux for some time now, I see this as a devine sign.

What I want to have once I finish the install is a fully working copy of
Debian (I've already downloaded and burnt Woody to CD) on the current 2gig
HD.  However I also want it pre-configured (if this is posible) so that when
the 9.1gig Mac OS arrives I can dual boot.  I realize I may have to wait
until that arrives before I configure this.

I guess I should mention that I'm running an Umax S900 with a G3 upgrade
card, so I'll be using the oldworld boot system.

What I'm basically asking then is: A)Is it possible to setup the dual boot
paramaters without having the second drive? and B)Should I partition the
2gig in any special manner before install?

I apologize now if this info is in the howtos but I thought that such an
unusual case probably wouldn't be covered in the standard howtos so I
haven't looked yet.  Thanks.


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