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latest kernel via rsync? and misc tibook.g4 questions.


I kept my kernel-sources up-to-date by using this:
rsync -avz --delete
source.mvista.com::linuxppc-2.5-benh /usr/src/benh-kernel

Since there aere so many talks about 2.6.6 being around and no updates
in those sources for a week or more, I was wondering if there is another
source now? I am really working on getting things running but I still
have some trouble ever since devfs was considered obsolete and udev
being in charge. (i.e. I have no non-x-console ever since that day and
non-alsa-sound wouldn't work for me either) Now I looked up kernel.org
but didnt get any smarter from what I saw there. could someone please
provide me with the latest rsync line?

And if anyone out there has a config that works for the very same
machine (the ones I got from links posted here didn't) I would be glad
to know of it.

cdburning works perfectly
* dvd/cd reading works nice too
* mplayer hates sdl... xine works wonderfully
* x runs nice and smoothly (even without dri)
* not working suspend has to be tollerated ;)
* debian sid + gnome 2.6 are running like a charm.
* backlight control works 
  (is there any clue about as to the kewl keyboard backlighting?) 

----- heres my .config: ----

----- heres my XF86Config-4 ----

----- heres my dmesg-output ----

----- heres lspci ----

maybe that helps some - and those who want to help get a little more of
an idea whats going on ;)

thx in advance

Timo Reimerdes <tr@gtnw.de>

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