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Re: bootstrap partition not found

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 07:58:40PM +0200, Arnaud Kelbert wrote:
Colin Watson wrote:
What does 'grep yaboot-installer: /var/log/syslog' say? It should
have  a partition table dump, to start with, plus perhaps some other

Well, I cannot save the result but it says that my bootstrap partition
is ext2 but a mac-fdisk -l  says it is an Apple_Bootstrap partition.

should you need more details I can write it down and type it, but it
seems that it cannot recognize my partition as Apple_Bootstrap but

I'd like those details, please, yes.

NB. I downloaded the iso from :

If you created the partition with the partitioning UI in that release at
any point, it's known to be broken.

In fact I cannot use only mac-fdisk because we cannot define the mounting point so (I'm not sure) we must define them in the partitioning UI.

Here is the result of a grep yaboot-installer /var/log/syslog

info : subarchitecture powermac_newworld
info : allowing partition types matching 'hfs'
info : parted dump of partition table on /dev/discs/disc0/disc
Disc geometry for /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc : 0.000-76319.085 megabytes
Disk label type : mac
Minor Start End Filesystem Name Flags
1              0.000    0.031                                      Apple
2 0.031 0.812 ext2 bootstrap boot 3 0.812 512.812 linux-swap swap swap
4          512.812   1536.812      ext3                    /
5         1536.812  10752.812    ext3                  /home
6        10752.812  13252.812   ext3                  /var
7       13252.812   14276.812   ext3                  /tmp
8       14276.812   25567.726   ext3                 /usr
9       25567.727   50879.421   hfs+                Apple_HFS_Untitled_4
11    51007.422    76319.078   hfs+                Apple_HFS_Untitled_5
Error : No bootstrap partitions found
Configuring 'yaboot-installer' failed with error code 1

Arnaud Kelbert

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