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Re: Minimalist G3 setup

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 21:05, Simon Vallet wrote:
> On Tue, 4 May 2004 19:30:55 +0100

> I do (and clearly remember having posted some messages on this subject
> before ;-)
Ok :)

> Nevertheless, it mainly depends on your OF version, which is visible at
> the OF prompt -- if you have a BeigeG3 RevI (OF v2.0f1), then a modified
> version of quik's first.b and the OF patches mentioned at penguinppc.org
> might be enough. If you have a RevII G3 (OF v2.4), you'll not be able to
> auto-boot your machine (this means I'm not aware of any method to bring
> mine to do so :-), i.e. you'll have to type a command at the OF prompt
> each time you power-on the machine.

I can boot the machine, just not off the hard disk - I am using a modified 
floppy image

> Short:
> 1. Apply the OF patches with SystemDisk :
> ftp://ftp.apple.com/developer/macosxserver/utilities/SystemDisk2.3.1.smi.bi
>n I'm afraid you need a MacOS to apply those, unless someone has found a way
> to do this from Linux (anyone ?) -- maybe you'll be able to find a boot
> floppy/cdrom on the Web ?
> 2. (Rev I only) get the modified first.b from
> http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/quik-first.b-g3
> and replace the original first.b with it

Done that

> 3. Configure your OF vars ('nvsetenv' from Linux)
> auto-boot?: false might be better until you get your settings right.
> output-device: screen, or the OF path to your 3rd party video card
> input-device: kbd
> boot-device: your disk (Beige G3s can't boot from slave drives)
> example for /dev/hda:  ide0/disk@0:0
> boot-file: name of your label in quik.conf (e.g. 'Linux')

Ahhhh ... I don't seem to have any quik.conf expect for the one in 

I assume this is a Bad Thing - where should quik.conf live?

> Simon

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