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Re: Minimalist G3 setup

On Tue, 4 May 2004 19:30:55 +0100
Adrian McMenamin <adrian@mcmen.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> I have! But the problem is that the postings seem to fall into one of
> three categories:
> a) Use BootX (not an option for me, I have no MacOS on my box at all);
> b) It "oughta" work (but not clear it does);
> c) It works on something which is not a G3 (even earlier)
> So is there anybody reading this who boots their beige G3 box using
> quik?
I do (and clearly remember having posted some messages on this subject
before ;-)

Nevertheless, it mainly depends on your OF version, which is visible at
the OF prompt -- if you have a BeigeG3 RevI (OF v2.0f1), then a modified
version of quik's first.b and the OF patches mentioned at penguinppc.org
might be enough. If you have a RevII G3 (OF v2.4), you'll not be able to
auto-boot your machine (this means I'm not aware of any method to bring
mine to do so :-), i.e. you'll have to type a command at the OF prompt
each time you power-on the machine.

1. Apply the OF patches with SystemDisk :
I'm afraid you need a MacOS to apply those, unless someone has found a
way to do this from Linux (anyone ?) -- maybe you'll be able to find a
boot floppy/cdrom on the Web ?

2. (Rev I only) get the modified first.b from
and replace the original first.b with it

3. Configure your OF vars ('nvsetenv' from Linux)
auto-boot?: false might be better until you get your settings right.
output-device: screen, or the OF path to your 3rd party video card
input-device: kbd
boot-device: your disk (Beige G3s can't boot from slave drives)
example for /dev/hda:  ide0/disk@0:0
boot-file: name of your label in quik.conf (e.g. 'Linux')

4. After rebooting, you should be at the OF prompt if you did set
auto-boot? to false
-> 'boot' should work for RevI's, maybe you'll need to experiment with
load-base settings (see penguinppc.org)
-> '0 bootr' should work for RevII's, but you won't be able to
auto-boot? : I think this is because 'bootr' is a wrapper around the
command defined in 'boot-command', so you can't set 'boot-command' to
'0 bootr', and AFAIK 'boot' will not work

Note that I'm not using the on-board video, and that it could explain
why this is working for me and not for others.

If you're stuck because of OF settings (for axample, not being able to
boot from floppy anymore), hit Apple+Opt+P+R at boot until you hear the
chime a second time: this will reset your OF vars to their defaults .


Simon Vallet
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