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Re: Old airport card and new iBook G4

On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 01:45:18PM +0000, Fagner Goncalves wrote:
> 	Then, a simple question: How to use a wireless card in this
> machine in Linux, since Airport Extreme cards are not supported ? I 
> thought in USB interface, like Netgear MA111 802.1b. Somebody have
> experience with this card or a quick solution to enable this feature in
> Linux on iBook G4 ? 

Just last night i set up a dlink dwl-122 usb 802.11b device under
linux.  The device will lock up under os X (10.2.8) after about an
hour -- the dlink drivers are pretty shoddy, it would appear -- but it
works great under linux :>

I'm using 2.6.3-benh2 and the latest linux-wlan-ng (from source, not
from debian packages).  Follow the linux-wlan-ng README and everything
should work. 


Rob Latham                                        Chicago, IL USA             

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