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Major pre-launch! Extremely URGENT!

This message is going out only to the top levels of network marketers 
BEFORE the masses are notified.In just a few weeks, Madison Touche, 
Inc., will launch its brand-new technology division, M a d i s o n D y n a m i c s, 
I n c. (MDI). Over the past few months Madison Touche has been breaking 
records in network marketing by delivering products and services of 
unsurpassed quality. As a full daughter of Madison Touche, MDI has the 
financial backing to hit the ground running.

Madison Touche's technology division will launch this spring. 
Pre-enroll now!


Years ago people had an opportunity to invest $100 in a 
project promoted by a man named Bill Gates: MS Windows 3.0. 
Most turned it down. Why? Because they were *too busy* 
with other things..."

P R E - L A U N C H 2 0 0 4 : M A D I S O N D Y N A M I C S, I N C.

Re: February 2004 MDI Pre-Launch
Attn: Pre-Launch Participants


MDI does have a significant disadvantage, 

I need to warn you that this will be a tough launch. Why? Because MDI has 
almost no competition in terms of innovation, value, and quality. Lack of 
competition may seem like a good thing, but it will make our job tougher! 
Without competition, it's harder to build up momentum because there is less 
sense of urgency and less fear of loss. Fortunately, it won't be long before 
the copycat companies will begin showing up. I'm looking forward to that time, 
and you should be, too!

For best results, start with the best people.


At this point, your first priority will be to select the people with whom to share 
this opportunity. Recruiting your best people will ensure that you are rewarded 
right away and reap the greatest rewards from the massive marketing 
campaigns to follow. 

To give you an idea of why MDI is expected to turn the industry upside down, 
let's take a look at MDI's flagship product for 2004, ICONCommunicator™.

ICONCommunicator™ is a revolutionary new VoIP product that allows the user to 
"Talk, Type, and Browse" with a single device. The possible applications are endless, 
and the quality will blow you away. The ICON site is already up and active so you 
can see for yourself: 

This is truly an exceptional product, but it's only the beginning! MDI will keep the 
momentum rolling with ONGOING product implementations. Each product will 
meet the same standards of unparalleled quality.

Perfect timing and unlimited mass market potential.

We are pumped up about rolling out ICONCommunicator because of its vast 
market. MDI has been privileged to work with people who know the VoIP 
industry inside out. They tested the consumer market, and the results far 
surpassed our expectations.

I encourage you to check out MDI's site at 
and take immediate action.

The timing is perfect for MDI because the marketplace WANTS our product 
line right now. To reach a global market and build unstoppable momentum, 
we need to start up with the strongest people we can find. Experience tells 
us that having quality people in place is a proven path to success, and we 
have that aspect covered. After all, we picked *you* to receive this 

I'm looking forward to launching this incredible opportunity 
in partnership with you. Get on board now!


Alex Roy

More than 14 years have passed since many declined that Microsoft offer, 
only to learn a few months later that investors in the Microsoft Windows 
operating system had raked in millions. 

Until now, I have never encountered anything of the same magnitude. If you 
allow yourself to miss out on this incredible opportunity, you will end up 
kicking yourself while you watch others enjoy the success you could have 
attained. Avoid regrets! Act now!

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