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Re: iBook G4 swsusp status

> Mostly, at least with a recent enough DRM, which should be no problem
> with a 2.6 kernel. Does the UniNorth agpgart code have suspend hooks?

No, it doesn't. radeonfb will switch AGP off on suspend though only
if AGP is built-in and I'm not completely certain this will happen with

> > Do we still have something like DRIReInit option ?
> xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk does.
> > Part of the trouble is that we do not have the /dev/apm_bios emulation notifying
> > X that the machine is suspending/resuming with swsusp.
> Apparently, people use chvt in suspend scripts to work around that.

That shouldn't be necessary. The suspend code should switch to a special
VT for suspend anyway like it does for suspend-to-RAM in 2.6


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