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Re: 2.6 kernel-image packages


Thanks for your great work. I just downloaded and installed it on my Powerbook 
1 GHz Alu. It works fine (at least for 15 minutes). 
Sound does not work (but didn't before neither).

Just some nitpicking about the NEWS.Debian.gz:
- Consider renaming it NEWS.Debian.powerpc.gz to mark it as PowerPC specific. 
Or symlink it it NEWS.powerpc.
- Tell how to remake the ramdisk. (I uninstalled and reeinstalled the 
- Tell which hotplug agents are supported?  Tell which packages are to 
install. e.g. apt-get install hotplug. But as I had hotplug installed I 
progressed without to much hesitation. 
- Why do you not install a dependency for one of the supported hotplug agents?

Best regards

Niklaus Gige
Wieshoschet 6
CH-8753 Mollis
Tel. ++41 55 612 20 54 (privat)
Tel. ++41 55 618 64 68 (Geschäft)

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