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Re: backlight control on NV chips

> > Interesting. Does adjusting the brightness works at all with rivafb ?
> > I though it only did full on vs full off ?
> I posted a patch for this a while ago.

Either I missed it or my memory is failing me ;)

> > One thing... The formula you are using to calculate the value written,
> > ideally, you should try to understand the OF forth code setting the
> > brightness and reproduce the precise formula used there. It uses
> > some values in the device-tree as parameters for example. I wonder
> > if we risk damaging the backlight circuit by writing incorrect values
> > there ...
> Well, I simply didn't get around to do it yet. I'm using the patch for
> several months now, so incorrect values don't seem to cause any harm.
> If you choose values between 1 and 15 the values will always be _lower_
> than the ones set by MacOS X.

Well, I'm concerned about other models who would try to use your patch
in fact....


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