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Re: G3 iBook resume kernel oops - help appreciated.

On 20/04/2004 at 11:32, Cedric Pradalier wrote:

> It maybe related to pbbutton, which try to access the mixer too early
> ???

It could be it.

Formerly I had such a script like yours called from pmud (mine did a
setmixer `cat /etc/setmixer.conf`). I could reproduce the oops 100% of
the times on wakeup (having alsa modules loaded).

A couple of days ago, pbbuttonsd upgrade uninstalled pmud from my box
(debian sid). No big deal, I configured pbbutonsd scripts to do what
pmud did formerly for me and be happy.

The question is that now with pbbuttonsd, I can not reproduce the oops,
it resumes perfectly from sleep (even with the setmixer... stuff in
pbbuttonsd Script_ProfChanged).

It could be that, as you point, pmud was slightly faster than pbbutonsd
calling the script on wakeup; and that's why now kernel does not crash.



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