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Re: swsusp/pmdisk status on ppc?

> >- another time, suspension worked but it took a long time in the
> >"waiting phase" between writing processes to disk and writing the
> I have two hypotheses for that:
> 1.) IIRC the kernel (pmdisk) said something about 50'000+ blocks or
> pages being written to disk (usually it's just 10'000+). If this
> number is about pages (4kb, right?), this would be about 200MB, which


> nears the swap limit (I'm not sure if this run was with the 2nd swap
> already prioritized higher). So.. what's the symptom of swap
> collisions?

The suspend should just abort.

> 2.) is pmdisk ~high memory clean? I have 512MB of RAM here, IIRC I
> had to enable  some kernel option for this (but CONFIG_HIGHMEM is not
> set; dunno remember which it was, would have to look deeper).

No idea really. If it wasn't it would always fail, I suspect. Freeing
memory is done by using the regular swap interface, that should take care
of most of the memory contents anyway.


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