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Tips for a PPC newbie?

Hi fellow Debianers,

This is my first post to the list.  I switched to Debian from Fedora about 2 
months ago on my x86 box and just couldn't be happier -- what a joy to use 
debian with apt-get after Fedora with RPM hell.

So now of course, I'm ready to wipe Yellow Dog off my TiBook and get Debian up 
and running there too!  Here are some basic questions I have about getting 

1)  Is it possible to get a 2.6 kernel, Debian SID, KDE 3.2 with *perfect* 
sleep/wake functionality, sound, and hardware accel graphics on my TiBook 

2) I have a superfast (28Mb/sec) internet connection, what's the best install 
path for me?  Download ISO's?  If so, where are the SID for PPC ISO's?

3) I saw some great links on the Debian site for installing to iBooks and a 
TiBook3, any other links I should know about before I start?  If not, does 
anyone have any advice about installing SID to a TiBook (especially a 550)?

Thanks in advance!

Sean Schertell
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