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debian-installer and yaboot

Hi everyone,

Just noticed the following in the yaboot HOWTO

It's very convenient for certain tasks like installing a new system the
first time without a CD, or rescuing an existing system, to boot a
ramdisk system such as an installer directly from files placed on an
existing partition.

An example is the Debian installer. It is contained in a floppy-image
root.bin file which yaboot can boot directly. A simple yaboot.conf to
initialize the ramdisk, yaboot, root.bin, and a kernel image (named
linux in this example) are all that is needed. All files are placed at
the root level on an existing partition.

The yaboot.conf file for this purpose contains just four lines:


If you create yaboot.conf in the MacOS, you must convert it to use
Unix newlines (linefeeds only). If you use MacOS newlines (just
carriage returns), yaboot will be unable to read the file.


has anyone done this?  Anyone know where to get the root.bin file that
contians debian-installer?  I notice you can't apt-get
debian-installer (least, I can't).

Just wondering, thanks,

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