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Re: Mozilla Compilation

Quentin Decavel <qdecavel@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> ./mozilla-bin: relocation error:
> /usr/local/mozilla1.6/mozilla/dist/bin/components/libgfx_gtk.so:
> undefined symbol: GetContent__C8nsIFrame

Perhaps it doesn't work with the version of GTK in Woody.

> He had sent me several warnings before concerning the fonts... Does
> somebody know the problem and to solve it ?

backports.org has Mozilla 1.6. Since the binary is only for i386,
you should recompile the package with the source files there (should
compile on PowerPC, too). Add the following line to your

deb-src http://www.backports.org/debian stable mozilla

After an "apt-get update" compile Mozilla for your system with the
following command:

fakeroot apt-get -b source mozilla


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