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Re: Mozilla Compilation

On 2004-04-15 21:57:48 +0200, Quentin Decavel wrote:
> My Debian installation had Mozilla 1.0 installed, and I wanted a newer 
> version, so I downloaded Mozilla1.6 sources (I haven't found any binary 
> for Debian on powerpc), and tried to compile them.

Why don't you use the Mozilla 1.7 branch?

> The compilation in itself showed no problems, but when I tried to
> run ./mozilla, I received this error :
> ./mozilla-bin: relocation error: 
> /usr/local/mozilla1.6/mozilla/dist/bin/components/libgfx_gtk.so:
> undefined symbol: GetContent__C8nsIFrame

I've never had such an error. But I always install Mozilla after the
compilation (with make install) before using it.

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