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Your Amazon.fr Enquiry

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting Amazon.fr.
We have received your mail and wish to inform you that due to some 
technical restrictions we are unable to read the attached files of 
your mail. Therefore to avoid such a situation in future we would 
like to request you to kindly send all your questions to us via the 
following URL so that we can reply to your question and help you use 
our site in a better way: 
However, if you are unable to contact us via this form, you can also 
contact us by telephone on the following numbers:
Customer Service can be reached from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am -- 
7:00 pm (French time): 
France and DOM-TOM: 
Telephone: 08 10 26 29 66 
Fax:       08 10 08 11 11 
Telephone: +33 1 61 08 12 34 
Fax:       +33 1 61 08 11 11
We hope to see you soon at Amazon.fr.

Merci de nous indiquer si cet e-mail a repondu a votre question:

Si oui, cliquez ici:
Si non, cliquez ici:

Warmest regards
Megh Nath Manjhi
Customer Service
Your can view and edit your order at any time via "Votre Compte" 


For information about ordering or delivery, please visit our English 
Help pages at: 



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