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Re: xsane crash


MLDQJ a écrit :
> I'm using a Canon CanoScane LiDE30.
> xsane, scanimage, and xscanimage print nothing else but "Segmentation
> fault". Is anyone having this problem?

Try to downgrade libusb before doing anything else...

For me, libusb after 0.1-4_1%3a.0.1.7.x simply don't work.

The actual version is :


Not working, because xsane segfault for me too. So, for sure, something has changed between the two versions...

BTW : the last version working for me is libusb-0.1-4_1%3a0.1.7-3_powerpc.deb

I'm not sure, but I've read somewhere that libusb needs to use /proc/bus/usb, and new 2.6 is using /sys/bus/usb.

I've tested a workaround inserting this two lines (see above) in my /etc/fstab, but without success

none /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0 0
none /sys/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0 0

( powernowd, userland tool for managing processor frequency needs /sys )

Hope this can help you

Regards, eric

eric bachard

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