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Re: acme on Gnome: No sleep support for console and locked X Sessions?

On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 21:32, Devin Carraway wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 08:04:55PM +0200, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> > -- Is it possible to put the machine to sleep with acme while
> >    being on console, or on a screensaver locked X if Gnome
> >    is installed?
> Unfortunately, no.  Acme can only sleep the machine if it gets the key
> event.  With the screen locked, xscreensaver eats the event, and at the
> console X doesn't see it at all.
> I waffled on the Conflicts:pbbuttonsd in acme for quite a while,
> specifically because acme represents a loss of functionality relative to
> {gtk,}pbbuttonsd in just the way you've described.  The justification is
> that the two really do conflict in their most obvious configurations; on
> some machines, using both at once can cause doubled or dropped key
> responses, some of which can blank your screen and make it impossible to
> recover without logging in from outside and killing pbbuttonsd.
> Just in terms of getting your maching to sleep while locked, an earlier
> poster already had a workable suggestion -- flip the lid closed.
> Sorry for the half-answer.  If anyone has workable suggestions that
> don't involve breaking the general case, I'd be happy to hear them.

Thanks for your answer, which really helped. At least now it seems I'm
not alone with the view that acme has less functionality than

I'm trying to get rid of acme now, and instead install pdbuttonsd again.
Which seems to be difficult: 
For example:
# aptitude --simulate install pbbuttonsd
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree       
Reading extended state information      
Initializing package states... Done
Reading task descriptions... Done  
The following packages will be automatically REMOVED:
  acme gnome gnome-desktop-environment 
The following packages have been kept back:

    [ .... ]  

The following NEW packages will be installed:
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  acme gnome gnome-desktop-environment 
0 packages upgraded, 1 newly installed, 3 to remove and 42 not upgraded.

I had a look at gnome-desktop-environment  and gnome: I'm not sure
whether these 2 packages are really necessary for a fully functional
On the files the 2 packages installed on my system:

 dpkg -L gnome gnome-desktop-environment      


I also tried to have a look at the reverse dependencies of both packages
via aptitude, and IINM it seems gnome and gnome-desktop-environment are
not needed by any other packages, which then again could mean it would
not hurt to simply remove both in order to get pbbuttonsd installed
But I don't understand enough of aptitude: The documentation for
aptitude, at least for what I found so far, does not seem to be very
clear always on what its output means.


And Thanks in anticipation.

Thanks to all who answered so far.

Best Regards
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