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acme on Gnome: No sleep support for console and locked X Sessions?

Hi All

Titanium IV
Debian unstable
Gnome 49

I upgraded acme to
Gnome acme 2.4.3. 
I had, for "Conflict with pbbuttonsd on powerpc" to uninstall pbbuttonsd
stuff for the acme upgrade. No problem so far, but I can't put the
machine to sleep from console any more, and I can't put it to sleep from
an X session if the X-session is locked. Problems I didn't have as long
as the pbbuttonsd stuff was installed.
I don't have problems to put the machine to sleep on a non-locked and
running X with acme, if a user is logged in to that X.

By the way: I only *think* I put my machine to sleep with acme
currently, simply because pbbuttonsd stuff is uninstalled now, and
because of the following 'ps' output (excerpt):

acme --sm-config-prefix /acme-2HEI9D/ --sm-client-id 
117f000001000106684749300000006550061 --screen 0

So 2 questions:
-- Is it possible to put the machine to sleep with acme while
   being on console, or on a screensaver locked X if Gnome
   is installed?
-- If the previous is possible: How do I configure such capabilities
   for acme? I did't find a single usable doc for acme so far.

Thanks in anticipation

Best Regards
Profile, Links: http://profiles.yahoo.com/wolfgangpfeiffer

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