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instalation on a tricky 7500/100 with metabox G4

Hi, there!

First, the good news. My 7500/100 PowerMac, accelerated with a G4-Card, only boots with Linux. The BIOS doesn't recognize any harddisk or cd-rom if the g4-card is plugged, just floppys. Think, it's the OpenFirmware's fault... (good work, Apple!) The Basic Debian-System (Woody 3.0r1) is installed, but quik can't be installed. Don't know why, but installation ends with an error-message: "Quik installation failed, you can't boot without a bootdisk!" Fortunately, the debian-installer-program can't create a bootfloppy on powerpc-machines, you know.

Now my question: Are there any boot-floppy-images (anywhere in the internet) that can boot my debian-system with the 2.4.18-kernel on /dev/sdb1?
If not, how canI create it myself?
Am I able to mount f. e. the 1st installation floppy on my AMD-PC with SuSE8.2 (not Mac-System!!!) for editing the boot-variables (kernel, root-partition, etc...)?
If yes, how?

Thanks a lot!


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