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m3mirror (mid-thread)

(OK, I have guilt, but here's the thread that I started with Ben offlist.  
Sorry to do so, but I haven't been subscribed for a while, and I was feeling 
brassy I guess. :)

I'm curious about input from others.  Is the m3mirror and/or the 1/8 inch a/v 
cable possible to further develop?  Is there interest outside my little 

The big question:  Is there anything *I* can do to assist?  (I am not a 
programmer at all, but am quite handy around penguins)


On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 22:58, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Sorry to email you directly, but I've not been on the debian-ppc list 
> well... since around kernel version 2.4.18  ;o)

Still, you should ask on the list ;)

> Is m3mirror being developed?  Are there any problems with the 2.6 
kernel?  Is 
> the old version I find on your website (I think it's still your website) the 
> newest version?

m3mirror itself does little but send an ioctl to the kernel driver

> One last note -- is there any hope of the little 1/8 inch plug ever 
> audio and video?  Like a dummy, I went and bought that cable -- and it's so 
> nice in MacOS...  

Maybe, I don't know. ATI doesn't seem to be very hot about releasing
infos and sample code for that, but on the other hand, I may be able
to run the MacOS driver in linux to analyze what it does.

> Thanks for any info, even if it's just a "don't bother me punk" type 
reply. :)
> -Shawn

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