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Install on a new Powerbook 12" (september version 1 GHz) ?

I'm trying to install Debian on a Powerbook 12" version of september (the 1 GHz version) but with no success. I found some hacks about how to start the install program which is fine, it asks me how to setup keyboard, network, than download the latest kernel from the net, than I arrive at a step where it asks for configuration of modules ! I have choice to setup standards modules, pcmcia modules and additional modules. If I select standard, it tells me there is nothing to setup and I should first setup standard modules (sic), it I select pcmcia, nothing also, and if I select additional it asks for a floppy but i have none floppy drives on that computer !! So, what can I do to go next step in installation ?? I'm pretty used in install of mandrake and redhat distro on i386 architecture but never made it on a ppc architecture !
		Thanks in advance for your help


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