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Re: 2.6.5 & iBook 2.2

> Somehow, in 2.6.5, when I do make menuconfig, and select the MSDOS
> partition stuff, including VFAT, save the config file, and grep .config,
> I still see CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION is not set

So? You select MSDOS _filesystem_ support (that's what I gather from you
mentioning 'including VFAT'). What's got MSDOS partition table support to
do with it? FAT filesystems can be found on disks using other partition
table formats, even on loopback 'devices' with no partitioning. You are
confusing partitioning (the way disks are organized into smaller chunks)
and filesystems (the way data -files, folders, ..- are organized on these


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