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Re: 2nd and 3rd mouse key with modifiers, vol+bright with fn

Hi Colin,
On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 04:39:39PM +0200, Colin LEROY wrote:
> Could you try latest version ? (0.12, still at
> http://geekounet.org/powerbook/files/mouseemu.tar.gz). It should fix it -
> I didn't test it as I'm not in front of my laptop, but it compiles and the
> logic is simple enough so I think i didn't mess it up :-)
Looks good after a quick test. I noticed another issue though (also
present in 0.11): I have <F10> for the middle button and when I paste in
vi it inserts: "<F10>marked_text", same in xterm, it basically ends up
doing the action assigned to middle click + what's assigned to "F10".

> Also, I added the init script I use, in the tarball. It's for gentoo, but
> minor modifications will make it work on debian - if you send me one, i'll
> put it in the tarball too.
I have an init script for debian already, thanks. I'll submit it when it
matured a bit. A pid file for mouseemu would be very nice by the way,
and maybe a "-q" option to disable all output on startup would be great.
Cheers and thanks for the quick response,
 -- Guido

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