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MCP750 Installation

I am trying to use sid or sarge to perform the installation on my MCP750 computer.

I have tried the installation docs that come with it, and have found no set instructions for the installation of a PREP-boot machine.

Is there one doc that I can access for this information?

I have tried installing woody, but found issues with that.  When I used Eric Vallette's bootfull.bin I was able to get all the way to the point that I am trying to install (and find) the base2_2.tgz file for the install. I could not get it to a) download the basedebs.tar from http.us.debian.org and/or b) use the base2_2.tgz from my NFS/tftpboot/http server.

My current issue is that when I try to use sid/sarge, I do not know the procedure to get a .bin file if I need one.... I have the vmlinux and the initrd, I just d not know how to get the point of installation....

If someone can send a link to some docs to help that would be great....

Thank you,


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