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G5 & Debian-installer

I've got a G5 2x2.0 and I'm trying to get it to boot
using the 100+MB Debian-installer image.  Yaboot
starts off fine, and when I enter
/install/power4/vmlinux at the prompt, the kernel
starts loading.  I get through the white background
with the graphics board message and then get the black
background screen with the two Tuxes and the kernel
messages.  The kernel starts looping on a "do_IRQ
waiting for irq lock (handler = x)" message where I've
seen x = 0 | 1.  I've tried using the kernel
parameters listed in yaboot.conf for 'expert-safe' but
still get stuck in the do_IRQ step.  I also unplugged
non-essential peripherals and still get stuck.  Any thoughts?

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