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Re: Success! (was: Problems with install on Power Mac G3 minitower)

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 04:24:57AM -0400, Ron Murray wrote:
> I suspect the basic problem is that, since the on-board display in this
> Mac has failed, I had to use the PCI display. Either the board is faulty
> in some strange way (although it seems to work perfectly under MacOS),
> or the driver in the stock woody kernel is buggy. It usually doesn't
> take too long before the whole thing comes crashing down.

There are some older ATI Mach64 based cards that have had trouble
with some versions of the Linux driver. Perhaps you could tell us
the exact model?

> So, currently I can access the machine via the serial console or with
> SSH. I'm now doing an upgrade to sarge, and then I'll try building
> kernels and see what happens. There's still a couple of loose ends (like
> finding out why quik doesn't work: I'm still using BootX, and why
> networking stops periodically), but we're basically there.

There used to be a bug in quik that made it break on G3 processors. It
was originally written for 601 and 604 based boxes, and most people
started using BootX about the same time that G3 boxes became popular.
I'm pretty sure the patch for G3 support didn't make it into woody.
It probably works in sarge, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

	Brad Boyer

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